How to Get a Job in Top Private Banks in India

For those seeking employment in the banking sector, there are many opportunities that you find while searching online jobs in India. That doesn’t mean that getting a private banking job is easy. Millions of working professionals and freshers across the country are enrolling themselves into private banking recruitments every day.


Why wouldn’t they? A private banker job is one of the most preferred designations to work for Indians. Financial stability, ideal working hours, easy learning curve and ample scope for promotions are the key reasons why everyone wants to either become a banker or at least know how to get a job in a private bank.


Take any newspaper and look up for free classifieds on job postings - you’d surely find several openings for “Assistant Banker,” “Junior Banker,” or “Relationship Manager.” That’s primarily because our society thinks high of those working in private banks. While working in private banks, a professional is always exposed to fast career growth. There’s stiff competitiveness between team players to squash their monthly or quarterly targets. To top that, banks such as Axis, Kotak Mahindra and IndusInd are always expanding their footprint in India and while doing so, they’re offering handsome pay packages to job seekers.


However, there’s a particular challenge people face while getting job in private banks - cracking the private bank interviews. Two key parts of this challenge include the Personal Interview (which is relatively easy to crack) and the Aptitude Test (not so easy). It is also a routine to clear group discussion (GD) rounds and online foundational exams on economics and statistics.


Cracking interviews for private banker jobs becomes a minefield at times. While questions on your personal details, academic journey and family background are easy to sail through, what follows after this is tricky. To crack these interviews completely, you should make yourself adept with:

● Banking concepts, monetary fundamentals, taxation policies and important terminologies
● Updates on the banking landscape
● Popular banking system tools and financial data management softwares
● Current affairs and economy of India


Another important factor that can help you get a job in private banks is knowing the banking organization’s history. You should learn about the bank’s foundation story, the milestones and its journey so far. When you sum up knowledge on all these factors, you’d be cracking private banking interviews with ease.


Remember, finding an opportunity to work in private banks from free classifieds or searching online jobs in India won’t be enough. To get a job in top private banks such as Yes Bank, RBL, and Federal Bank, you’d always need to crack the interviews with aces.