How to Find Better Classified Script

Well there are lots of ways you can choose to find different classifieds scripts for different purposes. The easiest way is to Google search the classified script and you will find lots of popular classifieds script easily but not all of them you might be looking for. If you are building a general classifieds script where you want to offer different categories you should go with either yclass, open classifieds, blue classy or jomclassifieds or even you can try wordpress classifieds which is quite popular in all time classifieds software.


Since there are lots of different choices available to take but you don’t want to take them all which is why it is very important to narrow down the search with your criteria and then choose one of them. If you are looking for a simple classified script which is free to download and easy to use you can choose plenty of the script which is available to download on their website and you can instantly install on your hosting.


Just like yclass, os class, open classifieds and many others are easily available to instantly download and use it for your purpose but the only drawback of these scripts that they don’t really provide you which server you should take and how. And after installation because they are giving you It for free you have to find an expert to fix any problem that comes in the future related to the hosting or script. So, if you are ready to take that kind of risk you can choose these free to download scripts and use it on your server or just buy any shared hosting.


On the other hand, there are several hosted scripts providers just like yclass, blue classy they often offer a complete support along with their package and also, they provide a maintenance along with the script. Some of the script providers offer a support package externally without being a part their core package which is also nice but blue classy is the only classifieds script that offers a complete package along with support, maintenance, script, and hosting.