Promote Your Classified Website Now

These days everybody starting their own classified website to make money either from Ads or from other ways. There are lots of people are are relying on adsense to make good cash from their website but still they require a way to promote their website through one easy way or also a cost effective way which could actually be affordable.


There are lots of ways which are easily available like PPC ads which is one of the largest popular way because that provides instant result but at the same time it is quite costly for most people. an Average CPC could go somewhere between 10cents to 5dollar per click. these are very costly numbers in terms of a individual person's perspective but it can be affordable for a business owner not for any individual.


at the same time there are lots of websites are making their own classifieds websites list where they put a list of popular or paid classifieds websites to provide them a traffic. this ways is quite affordable because they charge a very small amount to list your classified website into their list. some just add some sites for free as well becasue they believe not everything should be sold out on the internet.


paid classifieds list are one of the most popular way to promote your classified website these days because it is quite affordable and it is also very easy to get from any angle. There are many different lists available which you can find on the internet and also search for these lists to post free classified ads or also list your own classified website if you have any.


You can also try seo which is not affordable but quite impressive, there are lots of seo experts out there who are actually looking for a website owners who are in need of seo experts to rank their websites.

How to Find Better Classified Script

Well there are lots of ways you can choose to find different classifieds scripts for different purposes. The easiest way is to Google search the classified script and you will find lots of popular classifieds script easily but not all of them you might be looking for. If you are building a general classifieds script where you want to offer different categories you should go with either yclass, open classifieds, blue classy or jomclassifieds or even you can try wordpress classifieds which is quite popular in all time classifieds software.


Since there are lots of different choices available to take but you don’t want to take them all which is why it is very important to narrow down the search with your criteria and then choose one of them. If you are looking for a simple classified script which is free to download and easy to use you can choose plenty of the script which is available to download on their website and you can instantly install on your hosting.


Just like yclass, os class, open classifieds and many others are easily available to instantly download and use it for your purpose but the only drawback of these scripts that they don’t really provide you which server you should take and how. And after installation because they are giving you It for free you have to find an expert to fix any problem that comes in the future related to the hosting or script. So, if you are ready to take that kind of risk you can choose these free to download scripts and use it on your server or just buy any shared hosting.


On the other hand, there are several hosted scripts providers just like yclass, blue classy they often offer a complete support along with their package and also, they provide a maintenance along with the script. Some of the script providers offer a support package externally without being a part their core package which is also nice but blue classy is the only classifieds script that offers a complete package along with support, maintenance, script, and hosting.

top united states free classifieds ads sites list

Among many other classifieds website, we have made a list of some popular united states classified sites based on their search rankings and various other factors. Most of them are ranked on us free ads which is a very common keyword for free classified ads in united states.

usnetads is one of the popular classifieds website in united states with alexa rank of 76,154 and rank in us isn’t identified by alexa. Usnetads deals in several categories which are very common like automobile and vehicles, pets and animals, business and opportunities, communities, computers, health and beauty, internet services, jobs, personals, real estate, shopping, travel and ticket etc. these are the categories which allows users to post ads in their appropriate category based on the users requirement.

usfreeads is another free classifieds website in united states with alexa rank of 469,646 and united states rank isn’t identified by the alexa. Usfreeads is also having the same categories just as usnetads because both of them seems to be the same classifieds website software/script. They are both running on the same platform which is why mentioning categories again isn’t important again.

adclassified is Indian classifieds website originated from india but also runs in various other countries with alexa rank of 42,830 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. Adclassified has various categories which can be used to post free and premium classified ads in various countries. Premium ads are especially available in india but they can also be taken in another country. Adclassified has various categories like buy and sell, career and jobs, matrimonials, vehicles, real estate, home appliances, miscellaneous, classes, community, lost found, services etc.

global free classified ads is another free worldwide classifieds website which also deal in united states with alexa rank of 37,738 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. Global free classified ads has various common and new categories which are not available in most common classifieds website just like announcements, vehicles for sale, property for rent, services, vehicles for sale, real estate for sale, business opportunities, pets and animals for sale etc.

freeadscity is another free us classifieds website with alexa rank of 542,377 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. Freeadscity is a united states based classifieds website which offers only us classified ads in various categories such as business, cars and vehicles, car parts and accessories, community, computers and soft, electronics, employment, furniture and appliances, general and collectibles, home and garden, industrial and machinery, internet etc.

7freeads is a multi country classifieds website which is offering a uae classifieds, usa classifieds, uk classifieds, Australia classifieds, Canada classifieds etc. 7freeads has alexa rank of 290,739 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. 7freeads has varius categories like electronics and appliances, mobiles, furniture, real estate, florist, home and garden, cars, services, web development, hotels, restaurants, therapy centers, kids, fashion, pets, books sports and hobbies etc.

freeaddsus is also a usa based free classifieds website with alexa rank of 167,611 and united states rank isn’t indentified by alexa. Freeadsus has various categories to post free ads like motors, jobs, properties, for sale, services etc.

classifiedads is a free classifieds website available in multiple countries including united states with alexa rank of 32,291 and united states rank is 77,526. It offers various categories in which the users can easily publish free ads like vehicles, for rent, pets, personals, services, real estae, jobs, items for sale, community etc.

hot web ads is another classified website just like usfreeads which is in the top of this list and may be operated by the same company or person. The alexa rank of this classified website is 51,733 and united states rank 109,719. Also we don’t need to repeate the categories because all the categories are absolutely same as in usfreeads.

adsglobe as its name is a multi country classifieds website that operates in various countries but since we are talking about the united states we will talk about its us rank with alexa rank of 34,836 and united states rank of 149,336. It has few different categories like market place, business center, job center, community center etc.

usaonlineclassifieds is also made with the same software just as usfreeads was made. It has alexa rank of 49,770 and united states rank of 137,063. All the categories are the same as usfreeads.

freead1 is a free classifieds website that offers users to post free ads. Its alexa rank is 91,070 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. It offers various categories to post free ads like jobs, services, sale and buy, community, auto, real estate etc.

freeadstime is a worldwide classifieds website that offers uses to post free ads with alexa rank of 58,936 and united states isn’t identified by alexa. It offers various categories to post free ads like items, jobs, services, vehicles, pets, real estate, rentals, community, musician, import export, free stuff, barter, wrap ads etc.

huntcityads is another free classifieds website located in united states and offering free ad posting to all the users with alexa rank of 280,786 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. It offers various categories to let uses publish multiple category classified ads like fashion, car and vehicles, property, electronics, art and design, jobs, business, women’s clothing etc.

lokalclassified is also a worldwide classifieds advertising website that offers users to post free ads in various countries with alexa rank of 142,257 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. It offers various categories like for sale, jobs, services, housing and property, home and garden, leisures, motors, personal classifieds, travel, education and pets etc.


spinlisting is another free classifieds website with alexa rank of 405,824 and united states rank isn’t identified by alexa. Spinlisting is also a free classifieds advertising website which allows users to post free classified ads and also allow users to easily put their ad live to sale. There are lots of categories like home services, for sale, housing, jobs hiring, automobiles, furniture for sale, business ads, pet animals etc.


get a job in transportation industry

These days transportation industry has lots of jobs because it has gain new heights and it has reached at a different level. Many different types of jobs are now available in transportation sector which is amazing thing for most people who are seeking a job in transportation industry. Because these days most manufacturers hire a transportation agency with which they could easily transport their goods from one place to another.


This is the process of manufacturer after manufacturing the product because most industrial buyers would prefer buying goods in their local city and manufacturer can easily ship high quantity goods from one place to another. Lots of ways are now available to find a job in transportation industry which is quite easy and also effective. Without any doubt you can get different position job in a transportation agency.


Because all transportation agencies are not only providing transportation or driver job, they also are having a different staff including office staff and marketing staff as well. There are lot more vacancies in transportation agencies which interested candidate can apply through various jobs websites. Most people search these types of jobs on classified website because they find classified site a much easier to find a job than any other type of website.


Searching job on free classifieds is quite easy because all you need to do is select a right sub category and you will get a list of all those jobs which are coming under your desired job sub category. Once you get the list of jobs you can apply jobs as per your desire because not all jobs are providing a good salary and your desired position based on your qualification which you can sort out and then send them your resume which then select you to fill their vacancy.

searching for a bride online

Everybody has moved to the internet and everything can be searched and found on the internet easily. There are lots of matrimonial websites and matrimonial services providers available on the internet who can help you find a perfect bride for your son. These days internet has moved forward and everything is now being gone through internet which is why it become so easy to find anything on the internet.


Whether you are aware of this or not you can always search on the internet and find various marriage bureau through various popular websites like listing websites, free classifieds, web directories, matrimonial websites etc. These days almost every matrimonial website has their own marriage bureau which is why it has become easy to meet the parents and the bride face to face and talk to the family of bride and the same for other family.


Most websites have their own plans just like matrimonial websites because provide a different service on the website as well as at marriage bureau. Most people select the on website because that is much cheaper than a bureau packages but each of them has their own potential of taking plans. Selecting a matrimonial package is also very important because in free plan you will get only few benefits which might fulfill your needs and might not sometime.


These days there are lot more ways to search for a matrimonial service because one of them is a classified website which not only help you find matrimony services but also tell you everything on the website itself about their plans and everything. Most classified website provides a premium service as well which is more convenient than this but you can always search more matrimonial services or websites on classified website cause these services providers often promote their business online.

Finding A Catering Jobs Online

If you running a catering business, then one of the best ways to find catering jobs is to post advertisements for your business online. This is apart from all the other types of conventional advertising methods. Under the online medium too, one has a couple of options; paid advertisements and non-paid advertisements.


In the former type, the business owner can opt to place the advertising of the catering business in various websites thus promoting the brand while in the latter type of advertising format; the business owners can opt to place the advertisements of their business in free classifieds. These classifieds are websites where the registered users can place ads for the sale and purchase of items and services. When the ad is placed by the seller, interested buyers will contact the seller at the contact details provided.


So, as a caterer, people will contact the caterer if they are having a party, function or wedding at their home. Alternatively, some users will place ads for job vacancies for the demand for services of catering for a purpose. The caterer can contact them to talk about it to be able to get the contract for the service to be provided. Catering is an important aspect for a get-together of any sort of a few numbers of people to one that has hundreds of people. Hence, the demand for caterers is year long.


Moreover, during the festive season and marriage season, the demand for caterers goes even higher and some caterers are busy with their orders to provide catering on practically every day. So, to make the most of being able to get more and more orders for catering and to promote your catering business online, a caterer should opt to place their advertisement online in classifieds. It will be very beneficial for the business. The icing on the cake for posting advertisements in free classifieds is that no-cost is involved. It is completely free to register in these sites like OLX and Quikr. Placing the advertisement does not cost anything too.

Buy Online Jewellery Through Classifieds Websites

Classifieds websites are also commonly known as free classifieds they are similar to the classifieds sections of newspapers. People place a sale advertisement of an item or service, both used and new and interested buyers contact the seller with the intention to buy that item put up on sale. There is a lot of free classifieds like OLX and Craigslist where registered users of that website can easily buy and sell online.


Jewellery is one of the items that is sold via such classifieds websites. Mostly, the jewellery shop owners in the city put up advertisements for their services. Buyers who are interested to buy jewellery from them can contact these sellers and go and visit their shop. Though jewellery is commonly not sent by courier, if a particular seller has a good reputation, you can consider asking the seller to pack the piece of jewellery you have liked in their advertisement and ask them to courier it.


Buyers have a variety of choices to buy jewellery online with official websites of brands along with classifieds websites. The latter type of website also has the advantage that people put up their old jewellery up for sale in such websites. If as a buyer you are interested to purchase these old and used jewellery, you can easily contact them and further discuss about it.


A word of caution! If you are buying jewellery online, you need to be absolutely sure that it is authentic. Buy from trusted sellers in well-known classifieds websites. These websites are just a medium for sellers and buyers to meet up and sell and buy an item respectively. The classifieds websites are not responsible for the originality of the condition. As a buyer, it is you who needs to take caution about this aspect